Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Girls Day Out!

Our special friend and sweet sister in Christ, Carolyn,
treated the girls to a very fun "girls day out" last Friday.
Their morning started at the nearby "Fiddlers" coffee shop for some caramel frappes.  
Then, off to "Lakewood Gardens."
A beautiful place for a stroll on a lovely day!

 The girls posed for pictures by "their color!"

Can you see Caroline amongst all the green? :-)

They enjoyed lunch at an Italian restaurant;
walked around the waterfront in Olympia;
and had a special time climbing up into an overlook,
then reading scriptures that Carolyn had prepared about how God is our strong tower.
It was quite memorable for them!
Then, back to Carolyn's "haven home" for ice-cream sundaes with homemade chocolate sauce
and coffee and tea!   

 Thank you, thank you, Carolyn,
for such a super special day with you!


Meemom said...

Lovely pictures and lovely girls. Looks like such a fun day. Love, Meemom

Eden said...

Sounds like a delightful time! I love the pictures of the girls by their "colors." So beautiful. :)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hey I know the people who own that coffee shop! :) :)

Meemom said almost exactly what I was going to say... so I'll just agree with her and say that I'm loving your blog posts!! :)

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