Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Family Fun Vacation! Part 1

Our family recently decided that it was probably time
 to return to the place
that holds many fond memories for our older set of children.
We also were having a feeling that with our older set of children entering young adulthood now,
it is possible that this would be our last chance to go back to this special place all together,
and enjoy this place alongside the younger set of siblings. 
And ultimately, we were just feeling the need to get away as a family,
and have some FUN together!
So with our tax return funds in our wallet, ;-)
we were off to re-kindle old memories, and make lots of new ones,
as we made a quick dash to . . .
 On Friday, we drove 19 1/2 hours to get there.
So Saturday, was a rest and re-coup day,
as we prepared for our three-day visit to Disneyland and California Adventures.
We just hung out and spent some time in the Downtown Disney area.
 These first few pictures were taken at a Lego store in Downtown Disney.
All of these things were made out of legos!
 Impromptu family picture as I walked out of a store and found this smiling group waiting for me.
(Just missing me and Brielle.  Yes, Caroline is in the picture! ;-)

Picnic time!
Each day we packed our lunch, to help keep costs down a little! :-)
First picture in Disneyland!


Eden said...

We went to Downtown Disney in March! :) Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

AZDonna said...

We might have walked past each other several times. Glenda and I were in Downtown Disney Saturday afternoon/evening, and in Disneyland on Sunday and C/A on Monday. After I heard you were there, I kept looking for tall Kyle, but alas, I never saw him or any of you. So sad.

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Eden!
Indeed, I think you all were very HAPPY and DANCING around Downtown Disney! :-)

Hi Donna,
What are the odds of us being in the same places on the same exact days!!! I just can't believe we were three for three in the same place on the same days! I sure wish we had seen each other!!! We were definitely surprised by how crowded everything was during those three days! So I guess there were lots and lots of people who decided to go there the same days that we did!

I'm sure you two had lots of fun too! What were your favorite things?

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