Friday, May 15, 2015

Family Fun Vacation ~ Part 3

We are so grateful to the Lord for this extra special time we had together!
We sure enjoyed every moment!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our 2nd day was spent at California Adventures!
And the last day was a little bit of both parks!

The next two photos are of the family being goofy for the camera on the "Tower of Terror" ride,
as it quickly snaps a picture just before the "elevator" plunges its passengers sharply and suddenly . . .
in the dark!


 Most of the family is pictured here on the California Screamin' rollercoaster,
just before it takes off!

 River Raft ride . . .

 Kyle being very kind to be a bench while waiting for the fantastic "Aladdin" show to start!

 Our all-time favorite ride we can all do as a family!

 Waiting in line for it . . .
 more waiting in line for it . . .
 still waiting in line for it. . .
 and finally!  We're good to go!

Everybody loves the bumper cars!!

 It just brings out the best in everyone. . . ;-)

 This is Brielle's "smile!"
 This is California Adventures newest attraction . . . "Cars Land!" 
Enough of the PB & J sandwiches . . . . the man needs some MEAT!!!

 Awwww  . . . and impromptu photo as we stopped for our picnic lunch.
 And then we were entertained by this hilarious little Toy Story show.

 Back at Disneyland . . .

 Thank you, thank you, Lord, for such a wonderful family time!


Eden said...

Oh wow!!! That all looks like such a blast!!!! :D :D

Bethany said...

I've loved all these pictures you've posted! So much fun!!! :D You caught some great moments. :)

AZDonna said...

We were on many of the same rides in both parks. I looked for myself in each of your pictures, but didn't see me. I love Thunder Mountain in DL and Racers and Soarin' in CA. This is the second time this year I have visited when Soarin' was closed. :( I can't wait for it to open by the time I make my next trip this fall, as well as seeing what kind of ride they are replacing Luigi's Tires in Cars Land with. I always enjoy Aladdin, too, and see it often. Did you happen to see the Frozen Sing a Long show? It was delightful.

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Eden and Bethany!
Thanks for the comments! Glad you enjoyed the pictures! It was fun taking them!

Hi Donna,
I still just can't believe we were right there together . . . same days, same parks, same rides!! That would have been soooo amazing had we bumped in to each other! Imagine if we had been on the same ride at the same time!
Glad you and Glenda enjoyed it soooo much!

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