Friday, May 22, 2015

More Blessings?

We are finally re-foster licensed!!!
And today, we were very excited to meet with Antioch Adoption's placement coordinator
 to go over potential, future placements!
We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us!
They said it could take a while to find younger kids that will most likely be adoptable.
We talked about our willingness to accept lots of various special needs,
but as much as we would love to take older kids,
and kids in need of short-term foster care,
we are currently feeling that it is best for our family to keep birth order mostly in tact,
and wait for the nearly "legally free"  kids.
We know the Lord's plans and timing are perfect!  
We would be so grateful for your prayers that God's peace and patience would fill our hearts and minds as we wait!
And that He would clearly direct all our steps to the next Bowes blessings! 


Eden said...

Yeah! Congratulations! :)

AZDonna said...

This is wonderful news for some child who none of us even knows yet. Congratulations! Can't wait for news.

Kate said...

So happy for you! Praying...

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