Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last Weekend in May 2015 ~ A Busy One!

"And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks through him to God the Father."
Colossians 3:17 NLT
This past weekend was probably a record breaker for us,
as far as how many directions the family split into and the variety of things we were doing!
On Friday afternoon,
Kyle and Caroline left for a weekend stay at the home of some good friends. 
They did various things together,
but one of the guys' favorite things was some shooting!

Got it!!!!
 Saturday, Victoria left at 4:30am to meet up with some friends and fellow Boer goat farmers to travel with them to a  Boer goat show in Monroe, WA.  
(Thanks to friend, Annette Jones, for the Smart-phone pictures.)
Roxi did well again!
She won Junior Reserve Champion
Poppy won Yearling Grand and Overall Grand Chamption

 Also, Saturday morning, Timmy had his final,
end-of-the-year baseball tournament in Toledo, WA.
So, Daddy and I, with the four "littles," headed out at 8am for that,
returning around 6pm after being eliminated after back-to-back losses. :-(  
That's Timmy, doing a great job on the mound!
 Valerie scheduled her puppy pick-up day on Saturday,
so she had 10+ families come out to pick up their new furry friends!
With living in a small community,
it turns out that one of the families that picked-up a puppy early in the day,
brought the puppy to the tournament.  So we got to spend the day with her! :-)
Can you see her being walked in the background below,
while I was taking a picture of Timmy on 3rd base?   
 I took a picture of the happy family! :-)
And then, we were all back together again by 4:30 Sunday afternoon,
for our home group end-of-the-season potluck/BBQ.
 We love these people soooooo much!!!!
They are very dear to us!
We thank God for their special friendship and fellowship!!!!
 Sadly, we were missing a couple families that couldn't make it!
But we managed to pull together enough for a little volleyball!  
Now that it is June,
we're busy doing our end-of-the-school-season-state-required-achievement-testing,
and getting ready for our departure to the Boer Goat Nationals show in Nebraska,
leaving this Friday!   Woo hoo!
Oh, and one more awesome, miraculous thing happened this weekend!!!!
On Sunday morning, one of the girls' does gave birth to triplets.
This was a very, very special delivery by a very, very special momma doe.
This photo of Ben and Dandi, taken by Victoria,
was recently featured in the "Boer Goat Magazine!"
Her name is Dandi, and she is one of the best does that the girls own.
During breeding season last fall,
Dandi was not getting pregnant after several attempts,
and it turned out that she had a very hard-to-cure uterine infection.
The girls took her several times to their trusted veterinarians,
but even after all they could do for her,
the infection still persisted.
The vets told the girls that it was looking unlikely that she could be healed,
but that as a final effort they could try to take her to the University of Oregon,
where she might have a chance of being looked at by some of the best in the business! 
Well, to make a long story short,
Victoria and Caroline decided to try to do what the veterinarians were trying to do,
but with instruments and equipment that the girls felt was necessary to really get the job done.
So they researched, made some purchases, and taught themselves how to do what needed to be done.
And, with the Lord's help, guidance and blessing, she was healed!!!
And now, she has given birth for her first time!
(3 beautiful bucks, two surviving)

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Kate said...

Wow, that is amazing that they were able to help Dandi! Good work!

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