Friday, June 12, 2015

Day 8 ~ Part 2 ~ Hip, Hip Hooray for Valerie!

As we finish out our amazing experience here in Nebraska,
we want to say a big THANK YOU to Valerie,
who made it possible for all of us to make this trip!
We couldn't have done it without all her help!

Not only is she one busy girl with taking care of all her own dogs,
puppy Charlie,
tending to some time-sensitive Pure Joy Labrador breeding needs;
she gladly took on the responsibility of Timmy and Joe's rabbits,
Victoria and Caroline's goats (even week-old twin baby bucks),
our indoor, family dog, Anna,
Mommy's hummingbirds,
and a few other assorted critters like frogs and crickets.  :-)
On top of all that, she has been busy
watering lots of newly planted flowers and a few things in the garden,
and helping feed and take care of Kyle. :-)

And she did this all so graciously and cheerfully!
The ONLY thing she grumbled about was . . .
being away from Baby Sister for sooooo long!!!
This was definitely the hardest part for her!
Close to torture, I think! :-(
Thank you, thank you, Valerie!!!!
But what is even more amazing, is that in between taking care of all of these needs at home,
she has been such a special blessing to three other families
with helping to care for their children this week. 
She's also enjoyed preparing sweet hospitality gifts for a few various visits with friends and family.
(Thanks SO much dear family and friends for the very special times she
and Kyle enjoyed with you this week!)
Valerie rushed home after one of her babysitting jobs on Tuesday,
 to bake an apple pie and oatmeal raisin cookies for Pastor Dean and Linda;
brownies for one of the families she babysat for Wednesday night;
and cornbread for dinner with Papa Bob and Meemom on Thursday night.
She's also loved shopping and spending some special time
with her dear, sweet, birthday-girl-sister, Lydia! 
It's unfathomable how she has accomplished all of this,
but she did!  And we're sooooo proud of and grateful for her! 
Thank you, Valerie, sooooo very much for being such a tremendous blessing in all of our lives!  


Meemom said...

Valerie truly is amazing and a gentle, loving and beautiful person. So blessed to have her in our lives!!! Love you Valerie, Meemom

AZDonna said...

That is a very special girl! Thank you Valerie, for doing such an awesome job keeping things going at home.

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