Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 4 ~ Part Two!

This morning Victoria entered the arena with Roxi for the "junior showmanship" portion of the show.
Both of them did great!

The rest of the day is a lot of waiting!
So what else to do but take some pictures? :-)

 The two barns where the goats are housed are HUGE!
This is one of the them . . .
 Ted just told me that about 8 years ago,
several tornadoes went through this area,
and wiped out much of the city.
These amazing barns were built in 2010. 
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thanks for tuning in to our adventure here in Grand Island, Nebraska!  For any of you who would like to and are able to, you might be able to catch Roxi in one of her shows coming up by tuning into the live streaming link below:

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