Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 2 ~ Arrived in Grand Island, Nebraska!

We had another perfect day of travel today, praise the Lord!
 We've only been on the road for 10 hours today,
and so thankful to be here safe and sound!
It was a beautiful day!
The photos below start as we were leaving Sheridan, WY,
and then as we made our way down Wyoming and into Nebraska.
What they lack for in trees, they make up for with miles and miles of gorgeous blue sky!!!

 We were so happy to see Grand Island on a road sign!
Yay!  We're almost there!
 We were pleasantly surprised that it is greener here than the other parts of Nebraska that we drove through.
 Evidently, they have been having unusual amounts of spring rain.
The rivers seemed to be swollen and water standing in places that it looked like it wasn't normally.
 We're having dinner at Pizza Hut now,
and then will be heading for the campground at the fair grounds where the show will be!
Hopefully, we'll have internet at the campground,
so I can post from there! 
Thanks for praying for us! 

1 comment:

Michael Berkompas said...

Glad to hear you are all doing well. I especially like the first photo with the barn and the mountains in the background. Sheridan appears to be a very beautiful part of the country!

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