Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 7 ~ Weathering the Storm!

After dinner last night,
we got to experience a Nebraska style thunderstorm!
It was "epic" as Kyle would say!
With the sky being so wide open here,
we enjoyed quite the lightening show,
and then the flash-flood type downpour!!
When we returned to our campsite,
we found the tent's rain fly was blown off,
and the tent was quite mangled as well.
So, all eight of us piled into the camper for a very "cozy" night's sleep.
(Well, some of us slept better than others. ;-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Today and tomorrow we'll just be enjoying the rest of the ABGA show,
and visiting with new and old friends in the barns.


Kyle Bowes said...

That's epic! Wish I could have been there to see that. At least a tornado didn't come through and give you guys a ride. ;0)

Michael Berkompas said...

Sorry to hear that last night's rest in the camper wasn't as comfortable! :( A storm like that would have been neat to see, though!

Kate said...

Wow! Crazy storm! Glad the competition is going well!

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