Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 6 ~ Part Two!

Roxi was in the show ring again today, for the open show.
(Monday's show was for the Junior American Boer Goat Association. 
This means that anyone under age 19 that owns their goat can show them in the JABGA show.)
The open show is where the biggest and best breeders in the nation (of all ages ;-)
 enter their goats for judging.
 Getting Roxi all prettied up once again!
All ready!
 A few pictures just before she enters the show arena!

 First few steps in the arena . . .
 Yay!  Off to a good start with being put in the center of the arena, rather than on the rail.

 Lookin' good!
 Three new judges for the open show.

 10th place out of 41 . . .still good at the national level!


Michael Berkompas said...

Wow! Roxi looks great! It's nice to see some real pictures of her vs. the grainy live-stream footage... :-) Again, congratulations!

Meemom said...

Roxi sure looked good to me. 10th was still quite good with the number of goats shown. Congratulations to Caroline and Victoria!!!

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