Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 9 ~ Happy Birthday, Lydia!!!

Happy 20th Birthday to our dear daughter/sister!!!!
You are amazing and such a wonderful blessing in all our lives!!!
We thank God for you,
and love you SOOOOO much! 
Can't wait to see you soon!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We’re making good progress on our journey home! We left Grand Island, Nebraska around 3pm yesterday, and arrived in Cheyenne, WY around 9pm.  (8pm WY time.) So, 6 hours of driving down already!  We found a Chick-Fil-A for dinner and a Walmart for sleeping.   
Roxi isn’t too happy without her companion that traveled out to Grand Island with her.  Her buddy went home from the show with another family, so Roxi cried so much last night, she has become hoarse.   I’m sure the other campers at Walmart were wondering what in the world we had in our trailer! ;-)   
We hit the road again fairly early this morning, so we’ll see how far we get today! 


Michael Berkompas said...

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Praying for you all and your journey back. Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather!

I feel for you Roxi! :-( That's got to be rough to travel without any of your goaty friends... Your humans don't quite cut it, huh? :)

Kyle said...

Happy birthday to the best big sister in the world! I love you so much, Lyddy, and praise The Lord every day for you!


Chick-fil-a! Did you save me some waffle fries? :0) Can't wait to see you all tomorrow! Drive safe!


Eden said...

Happy Birthday Lydia!!! Hope you had an awesome day! :) :)

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