Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wildlife Park with Papa and Grammie!

Papa and Grammie treated us to a day at the Wildlife Zoo and Acquarium today!
What a fun time we had!

These two macaws greeted us in the entry way!

 We saw lots of interesting birds and animals.
We'll post a some pictures of a few of them.

 Here we are waiting for a little "show" to start.

 I think this llama is enjoying Kyle scratching his/her neck.. .
 or maybe not!
Looks like he/she is biting him!

 A white baby lion!
Benjamin getting a little lift! ;-)
 Ahhhhhh . . . .

 Notice Kyle's expressions in the next two photos . . .

 This is "Connie", a one-year old "baby" giraffe.
Love this picture!
I thought the scenery was so pretty here,
so I was taking a few of these photos.
While I was concentrating on getting just the right amount of palm trees, and making sure I got the waterfall, etc. in the photo, someone shouted, "that monkey just jumped over the other one!"
So, I looked at the last photo I took . . . .
 and zoomed in, and look what I accidentally caught! 
 We soaked up lots of sunshine on this 95 degree day,
with all the walking we did!
 This tram ride was a lot of fun!
 Baby Arabian Oryxs. (Hey, Meemom!  That would make a good scabble word!! ;-)
 These ostriches were funny!
They wait for the tram to pass by,
probably looking for food.
They were pretty assertive!


 A little refreshment about mid-day!

We then walked over to the aquarium on the other side of the park.
On the way, the boys had some more refreshment. . . .

Timmy IS in the log boat  . . . somewhere!
A little feeling of home with seeing this red-tailed hawk!
 At the aquarium . . .

 Feeding the stingrays!
and getting startled and splashed by them!


Meemom said...

Looks like a great time and fun at this park. Think I will try to get papa Bob to take me there. Love you, Meemom

Teresa Buckmaster said...

What a fun day! I'm glad your trip was so fun!

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