Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Timmy's 1st Ballgame of the Year!

With much excitement in the air,
this long-awaited day was finally here . . .
Timmy was soooo excited!
(And a little nervous, too!)
 The very first game of the season is always extra special! 
So, in honor of this day and to make it even more festive and memorable,
sweet sister, Valerie, made baseball cake balls to bring to the game!
To add to the sweetness of this special occasion,
big sister, Lydia, lovingly made frosted sugar cookie baseballs! : -)
And then she and Richie drove all the looooong way to watch the game!
This sure meant a lot to Timmy!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thank you Richie and Lydia!
His two little brothers were also very excited to show their support!

While the team warmed up,
and got their last minute instructions . . .
 Timmy's cheering section warmed up as well!
Let the game begin!
 Timmy and his teammates played hard and did their best!

And the fans cheered,
(while trying to stay warm ;-)  . . .  
and when things weren't lookin' so good for our team . . .
the fans happily rallied . . .
and then got down-right serious about their rallying!  : -)
But to no avail!
I'm not sure what the score ended up being,
but I think there were some "mercy rules" applied.  ;-)
Timmy was a little disappointed,
but he soon got over it with one of Lydia's baseball cookies in hand!!

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