Friday, April 11, 2014

Big surprise!~By Kyle (well, not the surprise, per se, but the post!)

Our mission this week: surprise the grandparents in AZ! Papa and Grammie (Ted's parents) have a way with surprises. They have taken a couple of surprise trips to WA when we least expected . . . so, we decided to get them back! ;0)  And then, more fun visits with Grandpa and Grandma,
and Papa Bob and Meemom!
Benny was very excited! (he started packing his clothes a week before we left)

Of course, he was not the only one excited!

This is how we communicate between our truck and camper
And speaking of our truck and camper . . .
We quads played some hilarious games of Slamwich during the 24 hour (between two days) ;0) drive to AZ. I think all of us arrived in AZ with our hands looking like we had tried to pick a tomcat up by the tail! ;0)
Playing in the pool after a long day of travel!
We pulled into Phoenix at 7PM on Thursday underneath a beautiful sunset! And it was still 90 degrees!!!! (which makes a certain few of us very happy [smiles broadly]. As for the rest of the family, well . . .) ;0)
We drove straight to the scene of the surprise! 
Here we are descending under cover of darkness to extract revenge on one of their own . . .

We found their vehicle . . . (Muhahaha!)

We found the church building they were meeting in . . .

And Voila! A perfect surprise was carried out (as you can see by Grammie's face) ;0) Papa (in the blue t-shirt) continued to walk a little ways, until . . .

 . . . Grammie dropped her things and let out a slightly bloodcurdling scream! We were surprised when no one called the police . . .

It's okay, Grammie; we're not ghosts!

And then Papa caught on . . . (do men cry?)

I think Grammie hugged us all to make sure we were real . . . .

 Opinion poll: after studying their faces, who do you think was more surprised: Grammie or Papa?

Look! Two generations of Bowes clan leaders!

Grammie finally coming to the conclusion that we were really here . . . and that awkward moment where you are the only one smiling for the camera. ;0)

A big thank you to our co-conspirator, Aunt Debbie, on the far left! We couldn't have done it without her! And also, Daniel (cousin) and Sabra (cousin-in-law) wanted in on the surprise too . . .

Be watching for the video of this epic surprise soon!

No, we did not go completely loony after the epic surprise (though you might get that impression by looking closely at our faces in this pic)


Three generations of Bowes clan leaders! (okay, so one leader still in training) ;0)

(cue the awhhhh's) ;0)

Papa with a couple of the girls and a Snuck (Joe-Joe's nickname)! ;0)
Be looking for more pics of our AZ trip soon!  We have some great ones of our day yesterday with Grandpa and Grandma and today with Meemom! 
(gotta run to play mini-golf!!!) Life is good! :0P


Anonymous said...

You sneaky, sneaky people!!! I'm still not over the shock. You got us good. Love you all so much.

Bethany said...

What a wonderful surprise!!! :D I would love to see that video. ;) Have fun on your trip!

Oh, and I see you guys went swimming. Good for you!

Maria said...

Mission accomplished, Bowes Family! I'm inspired to try it on Tim's parents in AZ, Lord willing. The photos were priceless and the editorials with the photos were perfect. We are following you trip. You remain in our prayers.
With love,
The Booy Family

Teresa Buckmaster said...

That is so very awesome! So close and yet so far! I'm glad you got to surprise everyone!

AZDonna said...

How fun! What a great surprise!! Welcome to Arizona and our 90°+ heat! It was much nicer last week, we promise. :)

I'm heading out tomorrow for California and Disneyland or I'd insist on a meeting while you are here. Rats! Next time, for sure!! Have a wonderful visit and stay cool.

Heather Neufeld said...

So fun!!! You made Grammie and Papa so happy! Great pictures! Wish we could be there too. Love you all so much!

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