Saturday, April 5, 2014

First Week of April!

More goat kids have arrived this week!
This momma of triplets completely surprised Victoria and Caroline on Tuesday!
Victoria went out at 6:30am to check on the mom, knowing she was due to kid at any time.  
"Ace" didn't look like she was in labor quite yet, so Victoria came back in for family devotions.
Then, at 8am when she and Caroline went out for their routine morning feeding,
they found these cuties already on the ground! 
(2 bucks and a doe!)
 Then, just today, 2 more bucks were born to "Paintball."
She is a first time mom, so Victoria  assisted in the delivery.
On Friday, the boys requested that Lydia come over
to keep their now annual tradition of coloring eggs together! ;-)
She was happy to oblige, as she does love spending time with her bros!
 Benjamin enjoyed painting on the eggs with this little brush.
It all went fairly well for a while.
Then, he decided to dab the brush into every color before painting his egg.
It turned the egg a lovely greenish-brown color.
He said it was his "dirty frog" egg. : -)
 The end result is below!

Our daily-dose-of-cuteness,
was off the charts this week,
when all five of us girls went shopping on Thursday 
and just HAD to buy Brielle this adorable swimsuit and hat.
Not sure that she'll be needing it anytime soon,
but now is the time to buy such things. . . right?
And it makes for some very adorable pictures! : -)
Brielle also had another physical therapy appointment on Thursday morning,
and worked hard at showing her all she could do!  : -)
 ~ ~ ~ ~
Timmy had his second ballgame of the season on Wednesday night,
and his team won!!
I think the odds were stacked a little more in their favor this time on their home field . . .
with a score of 17-0!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Ted and Kyle will be returning home soon from our church's men's retreat,
and the girls are getting ready for helping lead worship at  church tomorrow.  Our pastor and a very dear brother-in-the-Lord recently requested a new song by the Getty's,
so the girls have been practicing it and think it will be ready for tomorrow!
It is such a beautiful song,
with very meaningful lyrics!
Click on the link below to enjoy it!

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Eden said...

Congratulations on all the goats! :) I'm pretty sure ours are suppose to kid soon....... ;)

Fun pictures!

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