Saturday, April 19, 2014

Little Stroll Down Memory Lane!

On our way home to WA,
we decided to go by the 3 homes we were blessed with in Arizona
 since our little family started. 

The Lord blessed us with our first 900 sq. ft. house for $50,000.  It was a government/bank repo.
This is the home Lydia came home to!
We did lots of work fixing it up, including adding a patio and lots of landscaping in the back.  Four years later, when we were expecting the quadruplets, the Lord provided us our 2nd home that could accommodate 7 people! ;-)
This is where the quadruplets came home from the hospital to.
The front door was on the side of the house behind the gate which was nice.
(We never had to worry about the kids getting out to the street.)
We were in this house four years as well, until the Lord provided a way to move to Flagstaff!

We loved it here!
The house was originally a bluish-grey color.  We were surprised to see it has changed to brown!
We also lived here four years. 
(Kind of seemed like we were establishing a four-year plan at every house the Lord moved us to.
However, praise the Lord, we just celebrated 10 years in our WA home!)

Then, we enojoyed re-living an old family pastime a
and introducing the post-AZ younger set of boys to . . . . .  



 lizard hunting!!!

 I think Benjamin wasn't sure what to think at first.
But then, he really got into it!
 We were also hoping for a horny toad,
and Victoria got one!
A little bonus to our lizard hunting adventure!
We lived near Forest Service land and went out for walks in the forest often.
Lizard hunting was always a part of our hikes.
 Kyle, Caroline, Valerie and Victoria quickly remembered all their lizard hunting memories,
and really enjoyed "being kids again!"
And of course, Timmy, Joe and Benjamin loved it as well!
We caught 9 lizards and 1 horny toad in a short time!
Ah, just like the good 'ole days!


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AZDonna said...

I remember each of those houses! But not the lizards. Yuck!! (tee hee)

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