Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fantastic Friday with PapaBob and Meemom!

On Thursday night, we headed over to PapaBob and Meemom's house!
They live in Sun City West,
where there are LOTS of fun things to do!
First up, early Friday morning . . .
picking oranges off their tree!
(Critter containers and nets work well for this! ;-) 

Then, a little stroll over to the nearby recreation center,
with critter containers and nets in hand, just in case we were to find some critters along the way.
I'm thinking in this retirement area,
our family with 8 kids carrying critter containers and nets might have looked a little odd strolling down one of their busy streets. ;-)
 But that's okay . . .
we're pretty used to being odd.  ;-)
 First on the itinerary was Bocce ball!
This was a first for all of us . . .
and very fun!

Being new to this sport,
we used our country smarts and ingenuity to figure out how to determine whose ball was closest to the red ball. 
We later found out that there is an "official" provision for this measurement that was given to us with the balls.  It is a string attached to a tin can! : -)  Evidently, you put the tin can over the red ball, and use the string to measure the distance from the can to the balls.  Now that is smart! ;-) 
Just thought this candid photo was funny!

 Then, the boys swam in their big pool!

 After having lunch back at the house,
we went back to the recreation center for a table tennis tournament!

Then, it was time to eat again! ;-)
Meemom took us to the Golden Corral,
an all you can eat buffet! 
Oh my!
And last but not least,
a round of miniature golf back at the recreation center just before they closed at 9pm!
 But the best part of the day for this little guy was catching this toad on the miniature golf course!
 "Don't worry little Toady,
I'll take you home." 

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