Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lovely Spring Afternoon on the Tevis Farm!

The day was beautiful for being outside
and for our now annual tradition of finding eggs!!! 
 We love how Richie enjoys moving his tractors out as part of the farm fun! 

 Caroline was told that she was sitting on an egg! (so-to-speak ;-)
Janet treated us to her homemade apple fritters!  YUM!
Cassidy is showing Valerie a panoramic video she had just taken of the gathering on the farm
and the amazing view!

Love this farmer-son-in-love!
And love seeing how happy he is on his tractors! :-)
"The twins!" ;-)
Richie is taking the boys for a ride!
Kyle joins them to keep a close watch on Ben as they head down the road.
Visiting the bunnies . . . .

and the new chicks . . . 
and of course, the sheep!
Always enjoy seeing how much the sheep love Lydia, and Lydia loves her sheep!
Then, we went for a little walk down the road.

What do we have here?
The crowd gathers . . . 
to see what is the matter.
Daddy gets a couple sticks . . . 
as Richie aids in the delicate procedure.
 And finally, the lone honey bee is safely extracted from Caroline's bun!  : -) 


Lydia said...

That was such a fun day!!! So glad that all of you were able to come. We always enjoy having everyone here :-) Awesome pictures!!!!

Kelley said...

Love these pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time on a beautiful day!!

Love you all!!

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