Saturday, April 19, 2014

Last Day in Arizona and Home!

As I type this,
I'm sitting in our living room overlooking lots of GREEN outside our windows!  
It is a beautiful sight!!
I'm so happy to be back to this land that I love so much!!!
Not that the desert doesn't have a beauty of its own. ;-)   It really does!
I'm pretty sure God created cactus, too. ;-)  Some of them even had their flowers in bloom! 
And even though it was hot warm, it wasn't 100 degrees EVERY day !  Just a couple days,
and the other days were only in the 90's!! 
And the mornings and evenings were very delightful still!
Oh, and the sky was very blue! 
But of course, spending time with our parents/grandparents/aunt/cousins/etc. was the very BEST!
We had such a wonderful time with everyone!
Only problem was, the days just flew by, and we wish we had more time to spend with them!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We returned last night (or this morning actually) just before 12:30am. 
We are so grateful for Ted's skillful driving, and the Lord's hand upon us,
that always gets us home safe and sound, even on long days of driving. 
Then, this morning, Kyle hit the road early to take care of his lawn care clients, 
Victoria and Caroline are picking up their momma goats and babies from the friends that were watching them,
Daddy and the boys are grocery shopping and running some other errands,
Valerie is trying to get in some of our own mowing before the rain starts today,
and I am working on laundry, unpacking and Resurrection Day meal planning and preparations!  
 On our very last morning in Arizona, we had another wonderful visit with Grandpa!
We went to the same McDonald's by his house for breakfast and a little play time for the boys.
Then, Grandpa took us to visit and tour Grandma Mary's son's POF business!
(POF stands for Patriot Ordinance Factory)  
Frank is so smart, and has come up with some very special rifle designs and features. 
He started this company in his home garage and it has really grown in just about 10 years!
One of the really special parts of his business is that he employs many family members!
THE BOYS . . . with John, one of Frank's brothers who works with him.  


A couple special orders . . .


 We got to see all the special machines that make all the parts and pieces for the rifles.
Just a few of the many pictures . . . .

 Caroline and Valerie checking out one of the machines.
 John and an employee looking at a part that just came out of the machine behind them.
 The metal container box on the left is the secured area where the rifles are tested.
In this photo below, Frank is watching an employee on the monitor fire the rifle.
Finished product waiting to be shipped.
 Thanks so much, Frank, for the tour!!!
It was amazing!
 Family photo with Grandpa!

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