Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Weekend in Phoenix

We have been thoroughly enjoying PapaBob and Meemom's beautiful sun room!
We've had a few meals here,
and are currently playing games around their big table. : -)  
Saturday morning breakfast!
 After breakfast on Saturday,
we had a great time bowling at the recreation center.

 Then, played some Wii games . . .
 and had a Bocce ball tournament.

The "Killer V's" won the tournament!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This morning, we enjoyed going back to Northwest Community Church,
where Ted and I attended during our college years,
and where the Body of Christ helped us soooo much when the quadruplets were born. 
Grammie and Papa still attend there,
so we had such a special time of worshipping with them again!!!
 We were so grateful for the blessing of being able to see many of our long-time friends.
The picture below is with Terri, who was such a huge help with the quadruplets.  She was there for us every step of the way and came over every Thursday morning for about 3 1/2 years to babysit so I could run some errands.   What a tremendous blessing!!!
 This next picture is with Mrs. B. and 3 of her sweet grand kids.
She was also one of our biggest blessings in helping feed and babysit the quadruplets.
She was always so willing to take the kids or help however was needed,
and usually always blessed us with a special treat of some sort! :-)
It was fun to get these updated pictures with our special friends 17 1/2 years later!
After lunch, we had lots more fun playing at the recreation center,
 and playing games at Papa Bob and Meemom's house!
Thank you so much for the awesome weekend!
In the morning, we're off to Papa and Grammie's house!


The Bowes Family said...

Well well well, what Mommy failed to mention was that I got a 206 score in bowling!!!

(Ahem, between two games, that is) :0P

What she also failed to mention was that she was a natural at bowling! Mommy had a high 100's score on her first game! Of course, she _was_ using the bumpers . . . :0P

Love ya, Mommy!

Meemom said...

It was a wonderful time having our Washington family here to visit. Just wish it could have been even a longer time together. What a huge blessing our Washington family is to us/. Love, Meemom

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