Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Having a Wonderful Time with Papa and Grammie!

When we first arrived on Wednesday morning,
Grammie pulled out this old, favorite toy.
We have pictures of all the other kids playing with it. : -)
Now its Benjamin's turn!
(Grammie said it's been in the family for 40+ years.)

 Grammie playing ball with Brielle!
Papa's trains are the BEST!

 Soaking up some sun every chance we get!
 And enjoying mealtimes in the pleasant weather out on the patio.

First day here, Papa took Ted, Kyle and Daniel golfing. 
They had a great time! 
Kyle posted lots of picture of this on his blog at:
  That evening we took a walk to the lake on the golf course that they live on.
It was a beautiful full moon!
 We enjoyed watching a Killdeer try to keep us away from her nest.
 Grammie taught us a new card game called GOLF.
We've been having lots of fun with it!

We've been treated to lots of very yummy food!
Here Valerie is helping Grammie make a breakfast casserole.
And Kyle is helping Grammie reach something on the top shelf. ;-)

This morning we had Monkey Bread! : -)
Papa took the younger set of boys to the nearby, neighborhood park!

 Yesterday, we had a wonderful time visiting with Aunt Debbie,
and playing in their amazing pool!

 And basketball court!

 Benjamin played hard, and crashed hard!
 I think we need a little more practice with our dives! : -)

We were all excited over Aunt Debbie's special touch with Brielle. 
Brielle has been pretty clingy to Momma since we left Mossyrock.
But Aunt Debbie was able to rock her to sleep! ;-)
 Inside, Daddy and Kyle enjoyed their pool table!

 Then, last night, Papa treated us to his specialty . . .brats on the BBQ!!

The cousins thoroughly enjoyed a rip-roarin' game of spoons after dinner.  
 What full, fun days we've had so far!

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Bethany said...

Ooooohhhhhh! That pool looks sooo inviting! :D

What can I say? I love swimming, I teach swimming, and I'm a certified lifeguard. :P

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