Thursday, September 18, 2014

Timmy, Joe, and Ben's Birthday Celebration at the Fair!

It's that time of year again,
when we celebrate 7 (8 this year with a late addition of Benjamin)
birthdays in six weeks!
It has been our family tradition to let the birthday girl/boy pick
an activity of their choice to do as a family.
So, in keeping with this tradition,
and the boys' desire to go back to the fair for a fun day of riding rides,
we picked up some more FREE admission tickets from the school,
and off we went this past Tuesday!
Mommy and the birthday boys!
(Not sure who the guy in the back is! ;-)  
 The siblings of the birthday boys that were willing to come along and join in the fun!

Despite his fearful looks, Daddy is usually willing to ride the spinning rides with the boys!
 I think he actually does enjoy them!
This is Mommy's kind-of-ride!
We found a ride card on the ground so the sibs rode a couple rides with the birthday boys!
This is just before going on a favorite rollercoaster! 

 Mommy and Timmy and Joe on the big boat!
(About the only big ride Mommy will go on!)
 And Caroline too!
 All these years of keeping your kids safe,
and then . . . .
 we put them on this ride!  ;-)
 Practicing their driving skills! ;-)
 Delicious and fairly inexpensive fair scones,
tiding us over between our PB & J sandwiches we brought in to the fair,
 and having dinner outside of the fairgrounds! Yum! 
 Caroline racing down the giant slide with her bro's.
 With the "dizzy pass" you get one free fair game.
And a stuffed animal!
Just what we needed!  ;-)

Happy Birthday, Timmy, Joe and Ben!
We love you!!!

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Meemom said...

Love the pictures. Daddy does look a little apprehensive. Nice seeing Robyn in some pictures , especially fearlessly on a ride. The boys certainly look like they are having a wonderful time. And I must say Brielle is getting cuter and cuter. Love to you all, Meemom

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