Monday, September 15, 2014

Surprising Victoria and Caroline at the State Fair!

Last Thursday, we decided to take a day off work and school to surprise Victoria and Caroline at the state fair.  They showed four of their Boer goats there.
When we arrived at the goat barn, we found Caroline and Victoria finishing up the washing and fitting of their last goat.
 So, we hid behind this red building and decided to send Benjamin over for a sneak attack!

 Caroline is still trying to figure out who Victoria is hugging! ;-)
 Then, Victoria starts looking for the rest of us!

"Where are they?"

 Ah, I think this is when Caroline spotted us!
 "Oh, there you are!" 

 Then, back to washing and fitting!
 First two goats to go into the show ring!
 It's a BIG class!
 We were so happy that we came on this day,
as the judge that was judging on Thursday is one of the national show judges.
He is one of the BEST!

 The judge eliminated all but these few.

 And then down to these few . . .
 and then down to Caroline and Victoria's TWO!

 "Did we REALLY just win first and second out of 21 goats?"
 "YES!  We did!  Now smile for the camera! ;-)"
Now time for the Junior Champion Drive.
Both Poppy and Rainbows are competing with two other goats.

 Poppy wins Champion!
 And Rainbows wins Reserve Champion!
 Most impressive . . . Poppy and Rainbows!
Now onto the yearling class with Dazzle (black dapple) and Liberty!


 Down to these four . . . standing in first to fourth place from right to left.
(Liberty won 2nd, Dazzle third in a class of 9.)

 Liberty also ended up winning "Yearling Reserve Champion."
She was competing with six does in this champion drive.
 Now all of the champions come together for the overall champion drive.
Three of the six are Victoria and Caroline's goats. (All three red ones.)
 Poppy won "Overall Reserve Champion."
 Yay, Poppy!
 What a great show!
So glad we were there!


Kyle Bowes said...

*Grins widely and puffs out his chest*

Yes, those are *my* sisters!!!!

Bethany said...

Wow, that's really awesome! :D What a great surprise, too. :)

Eden said...

Hahaha, great surprise!!!! That was really sweet! :)

Congrats on the goats! :)

Meemom said...

Congratulations Caroline and Victoria!!! Most impressive!!!!
Are you sure it wasn't that you were the prettiest girls showing goats!!!
Love you, Meemom

Victoria said...

Thank you! :) It was a great surprise!

Thanks Meemom! :)

Love in Christ,

Lydia said...

Oh my! I have enjoyed looking at all of these pictures a couple of times for a couple of reasons...they are how you used Benny to surprise the girls, and that you were able to snap pictures of the girls looking confused and trying to figure out where he came from, and where you all were! Victoria and Caroline's goats look incredible...even to the UN-trained UN-professional not-versed-in-goat-conformation eye. They have worked SO hard for the genetics they shows! Such a blessing for them to do so well at the shows after all the time and work invested!

AZDonna said...

Awesome! Congratulations, girls! You have some very fine specimens, there.

Victoria said...

Thanks Lydia! :) You are right, it IS such a blessing and we give God all the glory!

Thanks Donna!


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