Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kyle's 18th Birthday Celebration!

Saturday we were very blessed to have five fun families,
 and many marvelous members of our family 
out to our home to help us celebrate Kyle's 18th birthday!  
Kyle requested his annual birthday baseball game once again, and we were so thankful that these friends and family members were more than willing to oblige, and come out to play with us!  
Kyle has posted many pictures of the game on his blog at:
These are few similar but different pictures . . .
Team Black
 Team Red
(There's Elanee! ; -)
 And all the wonderful, supportive fans!
(Wait a minute . . .Mr. J. in the red t-shirt,
surrounded by a couple of his daughters, is actually one of the players!)
There we go . . .Mrs. J. is there now!
And Mr. B., too!

 Do you see something funny in this picture?  :-)
Thanks soooooo much to all of you who came out to play and celebrate with us!
You all are such a huge blessing to our family!   


Lydia said...

It sure was a fun birthday celebration! Richie and I enjoyed meeting and talking to all of the sweet friends, and watching the very professional game of ball being played!
Love you all so much!

Bethany said...

This was such a delight! :) We had such a wonderful time with you all!

Wow... that last picture... who invited such an annoying, photobombing kid? ;)

Elanee said...

Great pictures:) thank you SO much for inviting us to partake in your special celebration:)

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