Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Week of September!

We had such a wonderful week with dear friends Russ and Joanna Miller,
They are such a blessing to our family, and to so many people who hear Russ' messages.
We so enjoyed visiting with them while they stayed in our home,
and were also excited to share them with others, and go various places with them!
On Wednesday, we had fun visiting Lydia and Richie at the beautiful Tevis farm!  

 Being fellow lab lovers,
they sure enjoyed sweet Sandy!

 After our visit with Richie and Lydia,
Russ blessed a nice size group of folks with lots of young people in attendance,
with an awesome message at a church in the area.
It was sooo good to see these young people hear the truth
of creation found in God's word!
~ ~ ~ ~
On Thursday,
we took a little trip to Mt. St. Helens.

 A "quadie"  
 Can you see us? 

 On Friday,
we loaded up the van and went to the opening day of the WA State Fair!
We were so happy that Lydia was able to join us!
Daddy tried to capture a photo of our loaded van.
Not an easy task to get all 13 of us!
There's almost all of us!

Second try . . .
Caroline's more visible, but looks like Ben and Joe are missing!
  So, let's see if we can just get all 9 of the young folks!
Well, we almost did it!  We missed Brielle, who was in the front row!
 We were so blessed to meet Pastor Dean and Linda for the $5.00 Pro Rodeo that day!
 After Russ spoke at the men's breakfast Saturday morning,
they headed to their next stop in Oregon, then Idaho and Montana. 
And we headed to Battleground, WA for the annual
Christian Heritage Homeschool Kick-Off Picnic!
We were very blessed by the encouragement from Mr. Bradrick and the fellowship once again!

Joe's praying mantis,
got to go to church today!  ;-)
And this afternoon,
we hugged our sweet nieces/cousins as they head back to school in Oregon tomorrow.  
We were so thankful to have lots of time together this summer!
We'll miss you McKenna and Cassidy,
and look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving!
We'll also be saying goodbye to a few of these cuties tomorrow,
as they start heading to their new happy homes.

Well, that's a little bit about the week!

Now it's time to start planning our 7 upcoming birthday celebrations! ; -)


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