Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oh Happy Day!!

Today was "de-banding" day for Victoria!!!   
The orthodontist office gives their patients who have their braces off a bottle of sparkling apple cider!
(Especially nice this time of year!  ;-)
One of the biggest blessings of both Victoria and Valerie having to get braces,
was the providential meeting of the sweetest, most thoughtful, kind, caring,
patient, encouraging, faithful, praying friend anyone could ever hope for.
(She's also THE BEST Treatment Coordinator any orthodontist office could ever hope for!)
We are so thankful for you Carolyn!
Thanks so much for all the countless ways you bless our lives,
and for the special time with you today! 


Eden said...

Hey congrats Victoria!!!!!! Your smile looks even better! :D How long did you wear them for?

Victoria said...

Thanks Eden!

2 years and 9 months. :)

Elanee said...

That's very exciting Victoria:) I'm SO happy for you:) you look great as always BTW:) must be nice to feel your teeth again:)

Meemom said...

Congratulations... Certainly worth the 2 years 9 months. Love you, Meemom

Victoria said...

Thanks Elanee! Yes it is. :) It sure felt strange at first.

Thank you Meemom! It definitely was. Love you too!

Bethany said...

You look more like Valerie with your braces off!

AZDonna said...

What a dazzling smile! Happy for you, Victoria. :D

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