Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy September 1st!

As Daddy is outside hard at work chopping wood this Labor Day ;-), our dear friends Russ and Joanna Miller are also still hard at work, continuing their busy travelling and speaking tour today!  After speaking 3 awesome messages yesterday at church, they hopped in their car and drove to Yakima to speak twice Sunday evening.  Today, they are heading to Whidbey Island to speak tonight, and then will be back here with us tomorrow afternoon.  We are all sooo blessed to have them.

Saturday we all really enjoyed going to the NW Trek Park!  The day was nice and cool with some rain showers, so the animals were out more!
 We were very blessed to see this guy up close!
He isn't always this visible!
 And we don't often see these rams this up close either!
 After the tram ride, we brought out the umbrellas . . .
 . . . and the hoods and the . . . towels . . .
  . . .and the  . . . . little brothers! ;-)
Then back home, while the girls made some homemade pizza,
Russ and Benjamin did a puzzle together. ;-)
And after dinner we played a little round of Apples to Apples,
before getting to bed fairly early for a big day on Sunday!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We were so happy that three of our homeschool family friends could join us at church to hear Russ speak, and then also join us for a fun time of food and fellowship back at our house!
Thanks so much!!!

 It was a very nice day for playing outside!
Thank you, Lord!!! 

It was a wonderful day!
Thank you, friends! 

1 comment:

Kelley said...

Great pictures Robyn! Looks like everyone is having a WONDERFUL time!!!

Love you all!!!

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