Monday, September 22, 2014

Caroline and Victoria's Birthday Celebration!

Victoria and Caroline love taking their horses to Long Beach to ride at an arena there,
and on the beach!
First stop is the arena!
 A few of the siblings enjoyed riding a bit as well!

 Then, the ride through town to the beach!
  It is such a fun thing to go together!

On the beach!

 Out to the waves!  
 The rest of the family got busy making something in the sand!

Meanwhile, the family is busy . . .

 carving this in the sand!

And playing in the waves!

 And the girls come back from a long ride on the beach!

 What a great day!!!
We love you Caroline and Victoria!
Happy Birthday!  


Eden said...

Happy Birthday Victoria and Caroline!!!!!!!

Kyle Bowes said...

Haha, you can tell from Gracie's ears in that one pic that she is like, "Get the giant off of me!!!" :0P

Victoria said...

Thanks Eden! :)

Yeah, I think you're right Kyle!

Elanee said...

What a great way to celebrate your birthday's! I loved the pictures and video. That must have been very fun!
Have your horses been in the water before?

Elanee said...

I really like the sand carving as well! Which one of you made it?

Meemom said...

Glad you had a good time Victoria and Caroline. The pictures are great!!!
Also like the art work made in the sand!!! Love you, Meemom

Victoria said...

Hi Elanee!

Thanks for the comments. :)

Yes, it was very fun. This was our 3rd year going to the beach with the horses. :) So yes, they have been in the water before both at the beach and at the lake near our house.

I think all the boys made the cross in the sand. :)

Thanks Meemom! Love you too!

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