Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Blessing of Good Friends!

Living out in a rural area and homeschooling has many wonderful benefits. 
We are sooooo thankful for the blessing that they both are to our family!
One of the many things we really appreciate about both rural living and homeschooling
is that our children have the blessing of spending their days being around all ages
and types of people. 
We love this kind of "socialization!"
We really can't think of any negatives about homeschooling. 
There are only positives!
And the only negative we can think of about rural living,
is that finding families with children for our children to befriend
can be challenging!
So last year we decided that it was time to be more intentional about finding some like-minded families to get together and "socialize" with! : -)
Most of the time it involves some road trips!
But we all feel it is so worth it, to meet and make good friends,
and have such sweet fellowship together!
It is also giving us some much needed and desired opportunities to practice our hospitality when families are able to visit us out here!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our family is feeling soooooo blessed with all the new friendships we've made this past year!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This past Sunday,
we had a very special blessing of attending a small rural church in Oregon,
where the husband/father of a new family we recently met (thanks to some other friends!)
 is the pastor.
There are several sweet homeschooling families that live in this area and attend this little church.
We felt so blessed to worship with them,
and then play some outdoor games and visit together afterward.
The first game (and unfortunately, the only pictures I took for the day)
was old-fashioned kick-ball!  

 Victoria kicks the ball . . . .

 . . . and makes it home!
The Pastor's family and another family then invited us over to their house for a delightful dinner and more fellowshipping that evening!
We felt sooo blessed by their very kind hospitality to have us all over!!! 


Meemom said...

way to go Victoria!!! Living dangerously is now paying off lol Love, Meemom

Elanee said...

That looks like great fun! I'm SO glad you all had a wonderful time!

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