Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Marilyn ~ Day Three : -)

Oh my! I'm sure enjoying being a Grandma! I just had to see her again today! : -) 

And these are a few more pictures I stole off of Lydia's FB page, for those of you that are not on FB. 
(And I wanted to keepsake them here too! : -) 
Photo credits belong to Marilyn's Mommy! : -) 
This one with Richie brings me tears of pure JOY!  

And this one couldn't be more perfect!!! 


Meemom said...

She looks so sweet and so pretty!! Good job, Lydia!!!
WE can see that being a grandma suits you quite well, Robyn!!
Love, Meemom

Elanee said...

Oh what a beautiful baby she is!! Praising God with you all:):)

Evan Smythe said...

Wonderful photos! God is so good!

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