Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring 2017 40 Days for Life Comes to an End

What an incredible experience the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil has been! 
It has been so wonderful seeing so many fellow pro-life friends joining us in this effort. 
It really was a very special feeling standing outside on the sidewalk in front of PP praying together.
Many times we would be out there, not knowing who would be coming out, and it always seemed like God would bring His people out at just the right times to keep the vigil hours covered for the most part. That was so awesome to experience!!! 
We also had many folks just stop by to briefly encourage us with a handshake, hug or coffee! :-)
We are sooooo grateful for all of you who supported this prayer vigil
through your presence and prayers!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This has sure been a life-changing experience for me, and I think many others too!
We trust that the Lord has really used it for good in many lives in our community.
We have had lots of interactions with folks, and have heard many stories of the impact it has made.
If you haven't already, you should check out Caroline's blog for her updates
and today's end-rally post.
(The end rally was super-duper special!!!!)
Small Steps ~ Immeasurable Joy!

On Friday, the 7th,  Mr. VanDiest was standing out along with Caroline, and a man and his wife parked their car nearby so the man could come out and say hi.  He said that they were traveling from Lynden, WA to Portland, OR, and wanted to stop by after seeing the article in our local paper about the prayer vigil.  Caroline introduced herself, and the man was excited that he got to meet Caroline, one of the quadruplets pictured in the article!   He said that in his area, they also have a set of quadruplets . . .three boys and one girl!  Also, as they were talking, they realized that the man knew some of Mr. VanDiest's relatives in Lynden (Where Mr. VanDiest was born!) and that he had been praying for Mr. and Mrs. VanDiest's  mission work in Alaska.   I think he said he even went on a missions trip once with the agency that Mr. VanDiest founded!  This was a very special time of getting acquainted and of being an encouragement to one another.  We thank the Lord for orchestrating this divine meeting on just the right day and time of  dear.brothers and sisters in the Lord's family!  
Many of the 40 Days it was cold and raining.  But we thank the Lord for the inclement weather, as we've heard that when folks see "sacrifice" it makes even more of an impact in their thinking about why we are doing what we are doing! : -)  Last Friday, was super windy, even knocking out power to the nearby Walmart, K-mart and surrounding stores and stop lights! Caroline brought this umbrella home after being out most of the day. : -) 
Last Thursday, Brielle and I stood out for about 5 hours. 
A couple times when we took a potty break we propped up our sign on her little chair.  
As we walked away and looked back on the empty chair,
 I thought that was actually quite a fitting picture for the day!
In addition to lots of encouragement by waves, thumbs-up and the folks stopping to greet and thank us, we got an equal amount of "one-finger waves" and very angry comments yelled from the windows of folks passing by.  We also had a few people come up to us to share their objections to us being there, or to share their feelings about being pro-choice.  For about a week, we also had some pro-choice folks join us with their own signs on the sidewalks.  Their objections on signs and statements they yelled out their windows went something like this:
"Pray to End Judgement"
"Keep Your Rosary Off My Ovaries"
"My Body - My Choice" (Sign held by a man)
To Ted - "You don't have a uterus, so you can't speak"
"Keep your theology off my biology"
"They (PP) don't do abortions."
"Free Will"
"Why don't YOU adopt them!" 
"I love abortion!"
"What about the 'crack' babies?" 
"You can't expect a rape or incest victim to have the baby!"

On one of the local pro-choice lady's FB page, she posted a photo of a cat with a slogan that says,
"Abortion Kills Babies? GOOD!" 

Wow.  Let's keep praying for these souls that
 have been so deceived and blinded to the Truth.

Ultimately, we pray they will experience the grace, mercy, compassion,
kindness and forgiveness of Jesus!
That is where true hope, peace, joy, comfort and a blessed, abundant life is found!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Now, more than ever, we can't wait to welcome our precious little granddaughter/niece into the world.  Looking at this beautiful momma and thinking about holding my little granddaughter any day now, makes me SMILE big time!
You can come any time now Baby Girl Tevis!!!  

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Caroline Bowes said...

Thank you so much Momma for your great post re-capping 40 Days for Life! Love the stories, thoughts and experiences you wrote down. Love you!

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