Wednesday, April 26, 2017

So Thankful for This Little Lamb!

Many of you have probably seen this adorable picture on FB. 
But I just had to share it here too! 
Isn't this the cutest little lamb you've ever seen? : -)
Thanks to her mommy for this amazing photo! 
Lydia said that Victoria won the "Auntie of the Week"
award for the gifting of the adorable lamb hat. ; -) 
So without further ado,
here is the Auntie of the Week pictured holding Marilyn this afternoon! :-)
 And Auntie Caroline stopped by to see Marilyn today and stock up on baby snuggles and kisses, 
as the quads are leaving tomorrow for several days. 
 Marilyn got her first "real" bath today! 
 She wasn't real sure about the first tub, so Mommy switched her to this tub with the fabric sling/net thingy in it.  She liked that one a lot! 
~ ~ ~ ~ 
How many family members does it take to "help" give the baby her first bath? Several! ; -) 
Lydia sent this picture of Marilyn after her bath and feeding time.
She looks very relaxed! :-) 


Meemom said...

Adorable pictures. I cannot get over how alert she looks to be so young. Beautiful baby!!!!

Caroline Bowes said...

Ahh!! Just when you think she couldn't get any cuter! Love this post so much with all the ADORABLE pictures and captions. Marilyn's faces during bath time are so funny!

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