Sunday, April 23, 2017

Marilyn's First Time to Church! : -)

We were all so happy to see Richie, Lydia and Marilyn at church this morning! 
Oh my, how she was adored! : -) 
Here's a few pictures that I quickly snapped! 
(So sorry for the poor lighting in these photos!  Must be fluorescent lighting? 
I even had troubles correcting it with photo editing!)

 Life is precious at every age and stage! 

 The proud Daddy introducing Marilyn  . . .

 Great Grandpa Jerke : -) 
(Marilyn was named after Grandma Jerke who is smiling down from heaven now! ;-)

 Marilyn's first little dress! 
It matches Brielle and Gloria's Easter dresses! 

Grandma and 3 Aunties made pink frosted cookies to celebrate!!! : -) 


Meemom said...

An adorable dress for an adorable baby!! I can just imagine that she was quite a hit at church today. I knew I should have been there when I saw all those cookies. That picture of Mr. Jerke
holding Marilyn was so special!!!

AZDonna said...

Looks like Marilyn couldn't have cared less what all the fuss was about. She just slept peacefully through it all. Sweet baby girl. ♥

Hannah Gardner said...

I love how much joy is just beaming off of Lydia and Richie ❤❤❤ Beautiful pictures. Very proud mommy and daddy! 😊

Ted and Karen said...

Such a special Lord's day.

Kelley said...

Oh what wonderful pictures!! Richie and Lydia are just beaming! What a sweet day!!! :-)

Taylor Smith said...

That was soo cool! I'm so glad I was able to be there for that!

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