Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Huge Highlight for Joe!

So during this new season of life with all ages and stages of life and all manner of activities happening all around us,
we ended up sending 10 year-old Joe to the homeschool conference pretty much to be on his own.
(Under the watchful eyes of his 20 year-old quadruplet siblings, of course!)
Joe wanted to go to the conference soooooo badly, mostly because of this man that Joe is talking to in the photo below . . Jobe Martin.

Joe is so fascinated with creatures of every kind, and has loved learning from Jobe Martin in his Creatures that Defy Evolution DVD's.  Hearing him speak at the conference, and now personally talking with Dr. Martin, will surely go down as one of Joe's all-time favorite childhood highlights and memories! 
Thanks so much to our friend,Taylor, for capturing this special moment at the conference and sending this picture to us!  It will definitely be a keepsake for Joe!!! He'll probably make a poster out of it and hang it next to his turtle and tortoise enclosures. Dr. Martin is one of Joe's heroes! :-) 

Dr. Martin has quite a testimony! 
I've copied a little of it from The Creation Wiki:
"Dr. Jobe Martin was originally a proponent of Darwinian Evolution. For the last twenty years, he has been actively involved in the issue of Divine Creation vs. Evolution. He is a local to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. He attended Bucknell University and was a Biology Major. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Dental School in 1966. Entering into his own private dental practice, he began working at NASA in Houston, Texas. In 1971, Dr. Martin and his family moved to Dallas, having accepted a teaching position at Baylor College of Dentistry. 
While teaching at Baylor College, some of his students challenged him to find credible proof that the Theory of Evolution was accurate in its explanation of the origin of the earth and its organisms. While researching the subject, he came across many inconsistencies in the theory, concerning creatures that could not have survived gradual evolution over millions of years, especially the Bombardier Beetle. You can learn more about his research of this beetle and other such animals from a video series that he produced called Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution.
These personal discoveries caused Dr. Martin to doubt the Theory of Evolution and eventually turn completely from a steadfast Darwinian supporter to a Creationist with his own faith in Christ. In 1982 he enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary. He earned a Masters of Theology, specializing in Systematic Theology in 1986. Also while in Dallas, he earned an Associates Degree in Business, from Eastfield Community College. Dr. Martin has written a book on his change in worldviews called The Evolution of a Creationist."


Meemom said...

What a marvelous experience for Joe. Bet he will remember this meeting for a long time.

Eden said...

Go Joe!

Caroline Bowes said...

Aww!! So thankful Taylor got this picture!!

Taylor Smith said...

That is soo cool!! So glad I thought about taking a picture of them!

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