Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tilley Time and Timmy Turns Twelve!

Our good friends, affectionately known as the Triple A's, arrived on Monday from California!
This is the traditional airport parking lot picture . . .
taken this time with the self-timer on Valerie's camera! : -)  
 Puppy time!

On Tuesday morning, Kyle and Austin were working some on Kyle's equipment . . .
the rest of the people in the picture are keeping them company. : -)
The quads and the Triple A's have been going on a walk early every morning.
Yesterday, I went down the hill to take a picture of them in front of the pond,
and this is what greeted me!
Thank you, Lord!  

Tuesday night, on Timmy's actual birthday, we all went bowling!
Thanks, Valerie, for taking all the pictures!

Then, last night, we had a little get-together/dinner/party to celebrate Timmy's birthday!

 Birthday breakfast . . . monkey bread!
For dinner, steak and mashed potatoes!

 You are such a sweet blessing in all our lives, Timmy!
We thank the Lord for you,
and love you sooooo much!


Kyle Bowes said...

Oh wow!!! Those sunrise pictures are awesome! Nice job, Mommy! Sure has been a fun week!

Shiloh said...

Lots of Ts in that title!! :D

Happy, Happy Birthday, Timmy!!!


Valerie Bowes said...

Happy Birthday, Tim! You are such a sweet and sensitive young man! I can't believe you are 12 . . .you are getting taller every day also. I am so blessed to have you as my brother, Tim! I love you and thank the Lord for you! I also pray that this year would be one of much growth in your love and walk with the Lord.
That was a wonderful week with the triple A's! :) So fun!
Great post, Mommy! Thanks so much for the pictures!

Caroline Bowes said...

Can't believe my awesome, sweet, kind, fun, Godly little brother is growing into such a wonderful young man! Love you SO much T and I thank God for the blessing you are to me every day! Love your hugs and smiles that bless me every time you give them...which is basically ever minute of every day! :-)
That was such a wonderful visit with such dear friends too! Love all of you Tilley's and thanks for blessings us with your friendship, Godliness and joy! We love you all! Thanks so much for the pictures Valerie and Mommy!

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