Monday, September 19, 2016

Friendliest Judge Ever!

On Saturday evening, Victoria had the privilege and fun of being the State 4-H Boer Goat Judge again this year!  She really enjoys doing this, as she knows full well what it is like to be one of the kids showing their goat. She likes to make it as relaxed and fun for the kids as she can!
She's definitely not very intimidating! : -)
She judged the showmanship (how well the handler shows their goat and how much they know about meat goats) and conformation (how good their goats meet the breed standards) classes.
In these next four photos she pulled one exhibitor out at a time to ask them a couple questions as part of her judging their showmanship.
She asked them questions like what is hypocalcemia, CAE, CL, etc.  : -) 



Taylor Smith said...

Hey awesome job Victoria!! Looks like a blast! Probably quite the honor to be asked to judge like that isn't it?

AZDonna said...

Victoria, it's so great to see you back to your old self, feeling so good, and smiling so bright. I just bet those young goat handlers loved having you as their judge!

Victoria Bowes said...

Thank you Taylor! Yes, I felt honored to judge at State again!!

Aww, thank you Donna! It's so good to be back to normal! God is so good! Oh I had a ton of fun with those guys! It was an awesome group of kids. :)

Teresa B said...

That is so awesome! Perfect judge in my eyes!

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