Sunday, September 25, 2016

Leavenworth, Part 3!

We're home now from Leavenworth, and had such a wonderfully special time there.
The only thing we were missing was Valerie, who stayed back to take care of everything at home.
She kept super busy taking care of all her dogs and puppies, and cleaning the house and making lots of make-ahead meals for our special friends (affectionately known as the Triple A.'s) that are arriving from California tomorrow!
(That is why she isn't in any of the Leavenworth pictures.)
We missed her very, very much!
Thanks so much, Valerie!

 The place that we stayed, the Icicle Inn/Resort, is where my sister, Kelley, works.
She just got this job about four months ago, and is lovin' it there!
She was able to get us a good discount for a two bedroom suite.
It worked out really well, and was an amazing place!
They had the best, complimentary breakfast we've ever had!
Lots and lots of choices, from warm eggs, sausage, kielbasa, biscuits and gravy to cinnamon rolls and everything in between! 
Kyle to full advantage of this!!! : -)
 Caroline was taking pictures of her family members to add picture icons next to their phone numbers in her new phone contact list. 
She thought one of me in the fall leaves would be perfect!  I agreed!

 We had been looking forward to the Fall Leaf Festival Parade all the time we were there.
We were lined up along the street, ready and waiting!  

 Here, some Cruiser cars were passing by, so the family jumped into "Bruiser Cruiser" mode,
and began giving each other some punches! ;-)

 After the parade, we went to visit Kelley and Louis' new house.
Unfortunately, Louis was at work, so we missed him!
But pictured below is "Quincy" one of Valerie's just-turned-one-year-old pups from Annie! 
He is really gorgeous!
 Here, she was doing a little trick for us with Quincy.
The other little cutie is Kipton, the long-haired dachshund.
 All of the following photos are from Caroline, Kyle, and Victoria's phones.
They left early in the morning, while it was still dark,
and took a hike up the mountain that was closest to the Icicle Inn.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! That was such a fun post! I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time!! The parade looked really fun as did the hike! The town is soo cute!! It's sad Valerie couldn't make it but the pictures of her and the puppies are soo cute! Good job for holding down the fort Valerie and making all those meals!

Thanks again for all the pictures of what you're up to!!

Mrs. Bowes, fall looks so good on you, your beaming face in the leaves made me smile:)


The Bowes Family said...

Awwww. . . .thanks Gracie, for your sweet comment and kind words! Yes, fall does make me smile big! :-) I love it! God is so good to give us such beauty all around us in this season! (Of course, every season does have its own beauty, huh?!)

I imagine you all would love Leavenworth too! It is such a special place!
Thanks again for leaving a comment. We love hearing from you!
Mrs. Bowes

Victoria Bowes said...
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Victoria Bowes said...

Sure was an awesome trip! Love the pictures!!!

The hike was amazing! I'm glad the pictures turned out.
Oh and the parade was really really fun! It was neat to see the town decorated so well!

Caroline Bowes said...

Aww! Wonderful pictures of such a blessed and beautiful vacation! I agree with Gracie :-) the picture of you in the fall leaves turned out so pretty! No surprise though, cause you make everything beautiful! :-) plus I think those fall colors match your personality type really well) ;)

That parade was SO neat too! Thanks so much for capturing all those wonderful memories of the the the trip Mommy! I love looking back and remembering all the fun times and how the Lord has blessed and continues to work in our lives!

AZDonna said...

Robyn, you are the prettiest part of that fall leaf bouquet. Looks like a wonderful time!

Shiloh said...

Looks like fun! What are those wooden pipe looking things the men are carrying?

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