Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Last Blast of Summer!

On Friday afternoon, it was a sunny, 80 degree day!
According to the 10-day forecast, that might be the last blast of summer!
So we decided to take PapaBob and Meemom's pontoon boat out on the lake,
and have one last barbeque! : -)

 Soon after getting started  on the lake, we spotted this osprey fishing!
I was so happy that I caught a bit of it with my camera!
(Sorry they are a little blurry!)

"Hey everybody!
Smile for the camera!"
 "Okay, back to talking and laughing!"
 We had our traditional junk food loaded onto the boat.
Cheetos, oreos, and peanut m & m's!! : -)
 Time for the rope swing!
They had to get in to the cold water fast, or they might change their mind!



 We spotted this hornets' nest from the docked boat. Thankfully, they appeared to be sleeping already . . . except for this last one that was entering the nest down at the left corner.
 Ah!  It really IS fall! : -)

We always have a barbeque off the front of the boat!
We even ate off the land . . .er . . .NOT!  

Heading back to the dock as it was getting dark.
Papa Bob was cracking us up  . . .again!
 Such a lovely day, and wonderful afternoon spending time with these very special people!


Taylor Smith said...

Oh wow that looks like so much fun!!! The rope swing looks like such a blast! Doesn't look like it's super high up there either! Might have to give that a try one day! Kyle you with me?
What a special time! Papabob looks like he's having a great time to just chillin telling crazy stories.... Meemom just smiling super big! Good times... Felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing Mrs Bowes!

Evan Smythe said...

Looks like that was an awesome/special time. It seems as though it would be cold, but in the least bit, a blast. :) The tubing looks like it was a lot of fun as well. That is something I haven't done yet that I would sometime love to try, in the future. How fun!!!

AZDonna said...

Oh, that was so much fun when we went out on the boat! Glad I got to experience it with you in August. This looks like just as great a day!

Victoria Bowes said...

So, so fun! Awesome pictures!! I am so amazed by those Osprey pictures with the fish!!!! We sure had an awesome time with PapaBob and Meemom!!

Yeah Taylor, you should try the rope swing someday. :) And Evan we HAVE to get you on an inner tube! Might have to wait until next summer though. We were pretty cold afterwards!

Victoria Bowes said...

I can't believe the boys actually cooked and ate those little crawdads...

Taylor Smith said...

Those things are amazing tasting!! Haven't you had them before!?

Victoria Bowes said...

Yeah we used to catch and eat them back before we moved to WA. :)

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