Thursday, September 15, 2016

Start of the Birthday Celebration Season!

With the quadruplets sharing a birthday (early November),
we have always enjoyed giving each of them a special day to have their individual birthday celebration.  We've done this by allowing them to pick a family fun activity for a day.
(We usually start these fun quadruplet celebration days in September, as we have seven family birthdays in a stretch of six weeks!)
Kyle enjoyed having his guy friends camp out in Long Beach on Friday night.
Then, on Saturday, other family members of these friends joined in on the fun, playing volleyball and having a hamburger BBQ in the evening.
The first few pictures Kyle took with his phone since we weren't there that night.

 They were very blessed to have Abe bring his amazing scones for Saturday's breakfast!
 We met up with them on Saturday around noon for lots and lots of volleyball and a BBQ in the evening!
Thank you friends, for making this such a special day for Kyle!!!!

 Father and son in competition with two-man volleyball.
I think I heard Daddy and Matthew beat 'em up pretty good!


 On Saturday night, we stayed over in Astoria, as Timmy and Joe wanted to celebrate their birthdays by going to Seaside's arcade and skateboard/bike park!

 Look closely . . .
like big brother, like younger brother!

 They had soooo much fun with this clown ball toss game!

 I'm bummed that I didn't end up with a picture of Joe at the park.
I guess I just took video of him! : -(


Victoria Bowes said...

That was sure a fun weekend! We're so blessed with wonderful friends! Thanks for capturing memories in all those photos!

Taylor Smith said...

Wow thank you for sharing those pictures!! That was such a awesome weekend! The weather was so fantastic for being at the beach. What special times with friends

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Evan Smythe said...

Wow! That was so much fun!!! Thanks for posting the pictures of this very special time. Such a great time of fellowship and building of friends.

Blogger said...

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