Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lovin' PapaBob and Meemom Time!

Saturday morning, we had a girls outing for pumpkin spice lattes and shopping at Michaels!
Oh my! We had soooooo much fun!!!

We ran in to some friends at the coffee shop that took this picture for us!
 Who knew you could have so much fun shopping in Michaels!
We must have been in there for an hour or more!
The picture below has a back story. But it is kind of a long story.  So, I'll just say that being the amazing interior decorator and having a well trained eye for what colors and styles go well together, Meemom jumped all over it when someone mentioned they thought it would be really fun to have a fall wedding.  Meemom thought this is a sampling of what colors and a floral headress the bridesmaids could wear . . . ;-)  
Sunday afternoon, we loved having Richie and Lydia over for lunch.
We sat around the table for quite a long time talking and laughing with PapaBob and Meemom!
So, so fun!  
 Sorry . . .I couldn't pick just one of these laughing-at-PapaBob's-stories pictures.
I love each one!

 We love you Meemom and PapaBob!
Thanks for bringing so much joy into our lives!
 Now . . .Leavenworth here we come!!!!!


Victoria Bowes said...

Oh yes, we love you soooooooooooo much PapaBob and Meemom! I wish you could be here all year!! Keep workin' on him, Meemom. :)

haha! That was pretty funny! Meemom you're an amazing designer! But if I have to wear a headdress like that just to be in the fall wedding... well, I will decline being a bridesmaid. My apologies.

Meemom said...

Aw come on Victoria!!!! You look so cute in that headdress. With an actual green dress, you would look adorable!!!!

It tru;ly has been a wonderful time and yes, I will keep working on Papa Bob

Taylor Smith said...

Aww looks like such fun!! Nice headdress Victoria!
Big family meals are so special!!

Victoria Bowes said...

Well thank you Meemom, that's very sweet. Hey we might just start a new fad.

Why thank you, Taylor. I bet we could make you one!

Taylor Smith said...

I would totally rock one

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