Monday, July 11, 2016

The Rest of the Week With Papa and Grammie!

We sure had lots of fun with Papa and Grammie, and are so thankful for our time with them!
(They are flying back to Arizona this morning.)
They went shopping in our local grocery store for some warmer clothes! :-)
It's been a little chilly this week!

A little Ping-Pong tournament happened on Saturday . . .   

 And we had a little belated celebration of Grammie's birthday on Sunday!  
Thank you, Papa and Grammie, for this very special time together!


Elanee said...

So much fun:) did you all make the pizza's in the picture?

The Bowes Family said...

Hi Elanee!
Thanks so much for the note! Yes, Valerie, Victoria and Caroline are the pizza makers in our family. And we are SOOOOOOO thankful, both for the delicious pizzas they make, and also since there are no pizza deliveries out in our area! :-) We are all so blessed by their culinary skills! :-) Do you all like pizza? If so, ya'll need to come for some!!!
Thanks again!
Mrs. Bowes

Meemom said...

Yes, we can vouch for the pizza the girls make. It is better than any delivery pizza we have had. Looking forward to having a piece soon. Is Ted reading the dictionary in the picture. Doesn't he know that is not allowed? Love you, Meemom

Kelley said...

I love how Kyle is playing ping pong and suddenly turns into Ted! lol

Victoria said...

Aw, thanks!!!

Wow good eye, Meemom! Yep, Daddy is reading the dictionary in that picture. Caught!!

Ted and Karen said...

Loved the pizza, as good as any we had delivered. Ted was checking my word QUOTH, Apparently he never read the Edgar Allen Poe poem. QUOTH THE RAVEN, NEVERMORE.

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