Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Family Fun with Awesome Friends

We feel SOOOOOOO incredibly blessed by the Lord to have the most wonderful friends!!!!!
They truly are very, very special!!!!
And this past Saturday, once again, they blessed lots and lots and lots of families with a very fun time of fellowship together at their house.
Thank you dear friends so very much!!!!   
Below is a small sampling ;-) of some of the things that we enjoyed.
(It is always so hard to choose which pictures to post here. 
Unfortunately, I also missed getting photos of a few things . . . like all the yummy food that was barbequed for everyone, and all the potluck dishes folks brought and all the delicious pies!)

 The guests were of all ages! 
(And did I mention how amazingly wonderful these friends are?) 
 This picture was taken just before practicing our family's skit for the presentation time.
 The kids love the zip line on their property! : -) 


 Of course, there is always lots and lots of volleyball!  

 And some very special times with many of the families sharing various presentations . . .

 Balloon toss!


 More Volleyball!

 Then, more water balloon fun!

 And lastly, for us, one of the highlights of the day was the arrival of Papa and Grammie, all the way from Arizona!

 We had so much fun introducing them to many of our friends!
 One of the best parts of the day was enjoying the AMAZING and abundant homemade ice-cream
that our dear friends spent many hours making in preparation for this day!!!  
Thank you sooooooo much!
 There is also a pie contest . . .
and Valerie's peach pie won in the fruit category!
Oh my!!! What a super fun day!!
We are SOOOOO very grateful for each and every blessing we had this day!!!
Thank you, Lord, and to our very, very special friends!!!!


Meemom said...

sorry we missed that fun and especially that peach pie!!!

Victoria said...

Wow!!! Thank you sooooooo much for taking and posting all of those wonderful photos!! You captured so many special moments and awesome action shots! That was such a fun day! We are so blessed by all those friends. :)

Reuben D said...

Wonderful photos, Mrs. Bowes!! That was indeed a special and blessed day! Thanks for posting them!!

Eden said...

Thanks for posting all those pictures and posting them! What fun! :) I enjoyed watching the skit you put on!!! :)

Elanee said...

Thank you SO much for all the beautiful pictures Mrs, Bowes. It was such a blessing to see them:) we're SO glad you all were able to come.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Thank you for posting them, Mrs. Bowes! It was such a special day!


Kyle Bowes said...

What an awesome day! Thanks for capturing it in pictures, Mommy! We appreciate you doing this sooo much!

Victoria said...

An awesome summary of an awesome day! Great job on your amazing pie Valerie, there was stiff competition!

Thanks again for all the wonderful pictures!


Ronald H said...

What wonderful pictures!! It's so fun to relive memories through pictures!

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