Friday, July 22, 2016

First Month of Summer, 2016!

Here's a few pictures of summer around here . . .
(Pictures of hummingbirds by Timmy, through the window!)

We're keepin' the canoe warm for you, Papa Bob! 
Wish you were here, though!
(The fish are waiting for you to come, too!)

Summer dresses . . .
 and summer hair-do's! 
 Thank you, Valerie, for this new hair-do!!!
 Joe had a bad injury that required emergency services while lumberjacking deep in the woods . . .
(Sounds manly and scary, huh?  Well, actually . . .  he sliced his leg real good on a wheelbarrow bolt, while trying to push his nearly 12 year-old brother, Timmy, in the bucket of a wheelbarrow around in a nearby stand of trees where they were supposed to be picking up little portions of logs that had been cut already a while ago, and just needed to be moved in the wheelbarrow to the edge of the tree-line. But the scar will make for a good story someday! :-)
I'm not sure we've mentioned here before,
that Valerie recently bought herself a horse so that she could ride with her sisters? 
 We're lovin' the deck and gazebo! 
It is perfect for all our summer activities!  

And we have lots and lots more summer activities planned in this last part of July and August and even September! 


Meemom said...

Oh my, those pictures sure make me want to be in Mossyrock. The country side looks beautiful.
I love Brielle's pictures of her latest fashion look. Looks like everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather you are having now. So sorry Joe cut his knee, but looks like he was being pretty brave!!!The pictures of the hummingbirds are unbelieveable. Ted and the boys sure look like they are enjoying Swofford pond. Hope they did not catch all the fish. Love, Meemom

Lydia said...

These are amazing pictures!!! I love Brielle with the smore,you captured the moment of sticky wonderfulness perfectly :-) And the canoe ones are beautiful! Love you all!

Victoria Bowes said...

Aww, what wonderful pictures! We sure have been blessed with an amazing summer! Brielle's 4th of July hair do was soooooooo cute! :)

Ted and Karen said...

We can attest to the wonderful deck and gazebo as a great place to observe Mt Ranier and the annual Timothy and Joe Bowes 4th of July FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZA.
Grammie and Papa

Hannah Gardner said...

Brielle is so cute :-)
Beautiful pictures. :-) Congrats to Valerie and her new horse! :-)

I seemed to have lost your email, and the other one I have won't go through.. .. is there anyway you could send me your current email? :-)

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