Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Surprise Last Night!

Last night, the girls got a call that our neighbor's hay bales were ready to be picked up.
 (For the girls' goats and horses.)
So after Victoria and Caroline did the first trailer load, we all decided to hop in the van (yes, kinda funny and not so cool looking for hauling hay, but our truck currently has the camper on it!) and join in the fun!   
The Lord has blessed us so much this year with lots of rain and not so hot of temperatures this summer.
So the fields are still green! And the hay is beautiful!

The bales are a nice size and good and dry, so they weren't too heavy, too!
That made for pretty quick work of picking them up out of the field!

I'm not sure if it's a girl thing . . .
using your leg/knee to help hurl the bales on the trailer? 

Anna, the farm dog, working hard . . . at supervising!


 After just a little while, we started noticing a small airplane circling over our hill.
 We all were watching it and waving off and on at it.  But eventually, it flew away.

 Love our little family, farm dog. 
She's been a part of our family for about 10 years now!
(We got her when we think she was about 2 1/2 so she's 12 1/2ish now.  It's so sad to think of one day not having her. So I won't!)
 Almost done!
 Ooooooooh . . . can we fit one more right in that vacant spot?
 Can Caroline hoist it up there?
 Yes, she can!
(So even short people can do this! ;-)
 Woo hoo!  Good job everyone!
 This is the view of Mt. Ranier from their field.  It was such a pretty evening!
 So back at the house, while unloading the hay, came the BIG surprise!
The airplane came back and began flying right over our house! 
Then, Kyle, having just returned home from a long days' work,
 fessed up that a good friend of ours had mentioned that he might fly over like that, but that he wanted him to keep it a secret!

 I had some trouble getting good pictures,
but this one shows the plane and the corner of our house!
 He and another friend were in the plane, and made several circles around our house.
Until, eventually, they flew away, "waving" as they went!
It was such a fun surprise!!!


Caroline Bowes said...

Good ole' haying days!! Thanks so much for taking such wonderful pictures and keeping a family journal through the blog Mommy! It's so wonderful to look back on all the memories made through the years, as well as remember God's blessings and what He has done!

You just HAD to get in a short joke didn't ya'??! ;-) Hehe! Hey, at least I'm taller than the other one! :-) (Just don't tell her I said that!) :-)

Love you!

Victoria Bowes said...

Oh yeah! Awesome times! Thanks everybody for your amazing help!!! Love the pictures!

Caroline that is SO not true. At all. I'm probably a good inch taller by now. :D

Meemom said...

Very nice pictures. Your weather is sure making us jealous!!! Our summer seems to get hotter each year!! There is nothing wrong with being short as long as you have a few ladders handy!! lol As they say, wonderful things come in small packages. haha And all you girls are wonderful in my humble opinion.

That hay sure looked nice and green. So nice that the whole family pitches in to help on this project. Great picture of Mt Rainer.

Victoria said...

Wow! What a fun productive time!


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