Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Little Man Turns 6!!!!

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!!!
We are so thankful for you,
and love you soooooo much!
 We had his party a couple days early . . . on Sunday.
We had some very special and fun party guests!
(I think most everyone is in the pictures . . .except maybe a couple of his sisters and brothers! 
Sorry about that sibs!!!)

 It is always a challenge to get pictures of our guests while eating.
(Especially in this case with the dinner being spaghetti and meatballs! :-)
This can be a little awkward.  Sorry for those of you caught with food up to or in your mouths. : -)

 A few of the littlest party guests!
 Just a few pictures of his gift opening!
He received several other gifts!
So sorry . . . I got caught up in the moment, and forgot to take pictures of everything!
One of the best gifts was from Mr. and Mrs. Tevis.  They gave him treats for Donna, his chicken! : -)
(She's lovin' them!  And Ben is having fun feeding them to her!)  

 This is my very photogenic son-in-law!
He makes me work pretty hard to get a good one of he and Lydia!
Love him so much, though!
 That's better . . . sorta. ;-) 
 Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!

 More party guests . . .
Our dear, wonderful, sweet friends Steven and Sarah and their precious family!
The next two pictures are from Lydia's day out with Ben (and Joe as a helper!) for his birthday celebration and shopping! : -)

Birthday boy breakfast!
Mickey Mouse waffles!
 This birthday afternoon . . .
opening cards that were sent in the mail!
Woo hoo!
 Mrs. B. makes such special cards for each of the kids . . .

What a great 6th birthday!
Thank you everyone for celebrating with us!!! 


Victoria Bowes said...

Awww, great pictures as always, Mommy!! Ben you are SOOOOOO adorable and I can't believe you're 6 already!

Meemom said...

What a fantastic Birthday party!!! So sorry we missed it. But I'm sure someone saved us a piece of cake !!

Always enjoy the pictures. Cannot believe Benjamin is already 6. He is one handsome little boy!!! Love, Meemom

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