Thursday, July 7, 2016

Papa and Grammie's Visit . . .So Far!

It was very fun to have Papa and Grammie at church with us!
 Sunday afternoon, we drove into Chehalis for some grocery shopping.
We saw this blimp in the area.
 We ate dinner at Taco Del Mar
 And then saw that the blimp had landed.
We went over to see it, and found the Johnson family there too!
(The Lampert family also showed up as we were leaving!  FUN!)
 After getting back home, the kids enjoyed doing their fireworks show!
 Richie and Lydia were able to come over!

 No safety concerns here . . .
we had a couple firemen present and ready for action.  

 I know it looks like we're cold in some of these pictures . . .
but it was just because we were eating ice-cream! ;-)

 On Monday evening, we sure enjoyed having Rich and Janet over for a BBQ!!!
 And we always love having our friend/neighbor, Doug over!
 We enjoyed talking, laughing and telling stories on the deck!
 Tuesday was lots of gaming and card playing.
(I was out town for a doctor appointment for most of the day, so I wasn't able to capture most of the gaming with the kids.)

 And then yesterday, (Wednesday) we headed to the beach!
Grammie especially loves the ocean!

 (Notice the wave crashing on the rocks in the background ;-)
Ben had sooo much fun doing this for a long while!


 Awww . . . sweet!  They are celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary in September.
 Ben brought bread to feed the seagulls.  This was taken after the feeding of the 5,000. :-)
And they were heading to the water to get a drink.
 This is a close-up which was taken from a long ways away. They didn't know I was taking it.
 Then, they were on to me, and decided to show off . . .
 . . . their synchronized beach walking!

 Pretty impressive, huh?! :-)

 You can't really see them in this pictures, but Victoria is holding some tiny little sand dollars!
We've never  seen such little ones, and they were so cute! 
We asked a nice lady standing near us to take this group picture.
Turns out, her sister lives in Flagstaff, Arizona . . .where we moved here from 12 years ago! 

 And lastly, we went to Mo's for some seafood and an ocean view.
(Brielle pointed to a seagull for her choice for dinner.;-)


Elanee said...

What beautiful pictures:) I'm so glad you all get to have such a special time with your relatives!!! What a blessing!!!

Meemom said...

Ah what a nice time... walking on the beach !!! Sure beats our weather here. Love the pictures, especially the ones of Ben jumping on the left over sand castles!!!
Dont think the team should try out for the Rockettes just yet. lol Love, Meemom

Victoria said...

Awww, that was such a wonderful week! Thanks so much for taking all those wonderful photos!!! I love the beach photos especially. Such a special time!!

Kelley said...

Great pictures...All of them!! love love love!!!

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