Saturday, September 28, 2013

Timmy Turns 9!

Can't believe it,
but it's true!
Timmy is now nine!
 As part of his birthday festivities,
he was very blessed to have a special outing with his sis, Lydia!
She took him shopping for a very fun gift,
and then treated him to lunch!
Thank you Richie and Lydia! 

Breakfast of choice . . .
strawberry-cream cheese filled crepes!  Yum! 

 Then, some more fun with opening some gifts from all his other siblings!
Dinner of choice . . .
chicken and rice filled burritos!
We also so enjoyed having Richie and Lydia be able to join us for the evening! 
  Then,  carrot cake!

And before and in between all of this fun,
he also enjoyed very much the phone calls and cards
from all you loved ones from far away! : -)
Thank you!!!!!

We love you, Timmy!
You are such a blessing to us and bring us so much joy! 
We pray our Lord will continue His awesome work in your life,
growing you up to be a mighty man for Him!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Timmy!!

Meemom said...

Happy Birthday Timmy!!!!!! Looks like some mighty good EATing!!!!!!

Love, Meemom

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