Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Memorable" Moments at the Fair (and While Kyle Stayed Home)

As our family is on the road again today celebrating three more birthdays, we began reminiscing about all the memorable moments we've had at the fair.  A few of them could probably go down on our "most embarrassing moments list!"   Thought we'd jot them down for fun and for safe-keeping!  

1.  Another "identify theft" stroller incident . . . this time with Caroline and someone else's green grapes.  : -)   While us girls were waiting for Benjamin to ride a ride, Caroline dug beneath the coats on "our" stroller and found some yummy-looking grapes to eat!  She was a bit surprised that we brought green grapes, but that didn't slow her down as she thoroughly enjoyed them.  It wasn't until she finished the last one that she realized it wasn't our stroller . . . or grapes! : -)  This made us laugh, thinking back to Kyle's mistaken stroller incident . . . same scenario, only drinking some other mom's latte . . . and getting caught by her . . .while sporting a white frothy mustache!  :- )

2.  "Crazy girl" incident - Valerie was asked by one of the Konzelman Band brothers how old she was.  She replied "WE are 16."  WE are 16?  Makes perfect sense . . . to us!

3.  "What are the odds?" incident - On the one dayeverthat Kyle had to stay home all alone after his surgery, and with being "tethered" to his "out of body" plumbing system. :-), the dogs started barking, alerting him to the possibility that someone was approaching the house.  Since solicitors never come to our house (except for a few situations like this one!), his curiosity was piqued.  As he stealthily looked around, he could not see any one, so he went into the garage for a better look down our driveway.  Just as Kyle was walking into the garage, his former baseball buddies from the school's team were peering back at him from the pane-glassed passenger door of the garage.  They yelled his namethere was no escaping now!—and waved, excited to sell him some coupons for a football fund raiser!! He had no choice but to open the door and greet them with a . . . um . . . awkward . . . hello . . . er . . . and trying to explain . . . um . . . his  . . . uh . . ."situation."  

4.  "Not a good idea to 'steal' a police K-9's training sleeve" incident -  Last week, on the night before Victoria and Caroline would start showing their goats, they thought they would be useful by helping to straighten out the freshly laid wood shavings in the show ring.  As they worked diligently to move and rake the shavings around the ring, they noticed that a group of police officers were standing nearby, watching them intently and curiously.  Finally, one of the officers walked over and said, "I don't think I dropped any change in there."  Victoria kindly smiled back at him, thinking to herself Now that was a weird thing to say and not knowing really how to respond to him.  So they kept on about their business of being "helpful" with straightening the wood shavings just right for the upcoming goat show the next day.  But they kept wondering why the police officers were just hanging around there and watching them so carefully.  Soon thereafter, Victoria and Caroline noticed there was a "rug" or something in the center of the ring that needed to be picked up.  So as Victoria approached this "something",  another police officer said, "Please don't take that, we'll need if for the next police K-9 demonstration.  Oh, and don't worry too much about the wood shavings.  The dogs are just going to mess them all up again in about an hour."  : -) At that moment Victoria and Caroline finally realized what was going on with all the police officers standing around and slinked out of the ring feeling rather embarrassed. ;-(

5. "Small world" incident  - Daddy was by himself, holding Brielle and waiting for Timmy and Joe to finish a ride.  Watching the boys, he did not notice one of Brielle's socks fall off onto the ground behind him.  A kind man saw the sock and stopped to pick it up.  As the kind man straightened back up from picking up the sock, they starting realizing who each other was. . . good friends and neighbors from our little town so many miles away! : -)  What are the chances of bumping into each other like this at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup?!! 

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Meemom said...

Those are funny and interesting stories. Hope we don't get up some morning and see newspaper headlines that the police are searching for the stroller bandits. TeeHee
Can only imagine Kyle's imtimadation at having to explain his outside the body plumbing apparatus. Love, Meemom

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