Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy First Day of Autumn!

Some of us are VERY excited about it being the first day of fall today!
(Some more than others . . . Mommy especially!)
 So we thought we should celebrate, and have a luncheon party!  
Our party guests included . . .
Kelley and Cassidy 
(Robyn's sister and niece)
 and . . .
Richie and Lydia!
We sure enjoyed making some fall-like treats,
including pumpkin cookies and pumpkin pie!
And Lydia treated us to her delicious apple pie and blueberry-blackberry pie! 
 Kelley and Cassidy brought a yummy treat and craft all-in-one!
They made these cute little "acorns!"
Lydia also brightened up our buffet table with this lovely bouquet of flowers!
Thank you, Lydia!
They are beautiful!
 After our huge feast,
we had fun taking a few pictures!
The menfolk looking manly.

The cousins!  (Minus McKenna who is already at college.)
Just the girl cousins!

Senior Sisters!  : -)
Just before digging into the desserts,
we played "Catch Phrase" . . .
or was it charades? : -)

 Lydia also blessed Brielle with this new adorable dress she just made with her new sewing machine!

 Love it!
What a fun day!


Kelley said...

Absolutely a fun fun day! Thank you for putting it all together! I love you all so much!!!
Aunt Kelley

Meemom said...

love the pictures. Making me homesick for my family. Love, Meemom

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