Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Week So Far

Daddy can't help but call her the
"Sugar Plump Fairy"
in this dress! : -)
Our week got off to a good start early Monday morning with our first trek north to the children's hospital to start monitoring Brielle's condition.

I woke her up at 3:30am to feed her, as she was not to have anything to eat or drink for four hours before the test.  Then, Valerie, Brielle and I left at 5:30 to get her to Tacoma by 7:45. 

Everything went very smoothly!  Thank you to all who were praying!   Her next appointment will be at the Seattle Children's Hospital on October 30th.

Yesterday, we had our monthly visit from her social worker, and talked at length with her about her case.   Much prayer is needed to help expedite her adoption process!! 

Valerie loves Steven Curtis Chapman,
both for his amazing God-given talent/gift of music,
and also for his huge orphan-loving heart and ministry!

This morning, Valerie is at an orthodontist appointment, hoping to hear that her braces will be coming off SOON!  She has been wearing them for 5 years now, and she has decided that that should be long enough!!!!  Tuesday was Valerie's last rental house cleaning for now.  She has mixed emotions about that, as it has been an awesome summer job, but also takes her away from her already busy life here with her Pure Joy Labrador business and everything else she has going on!  Valerie was especially excited to get the tickets ordered for her special birthday celebration coming up . . .  a Steven Curtis Chapman concert on October 5th!  She also got his new CD "The Glorious Unfolding" ordered, and it will be delivered here on the day of its release . . .Sept. 30th!  Woo hoo!    We've been listening to the single "Love Take Me Over" from this CD a lot lately!!! : -) It is energizing and inspiring! : -)

On Wednesday morning,
Victoria and Caroline left at 3:30am with their goats for
showing them at the State Fair!
Can't wait to go and watch them on Friday! 
The rest of the day yesterday, we hunkered down in the house as the temperature soared into the mid-90's.  And we were super blessed to have Lydia come by for a visit, as it was too hot for her to do her normal farm chores! So that made our day much more enjoyable!
Our day ended with getting out into the coolness of the evening with a rip-roaring game of duck-duck-goose on the front lawn and some ice-cream : -)

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Meemom said...

I'm with you Valerie... Think 5 years is long enough!!! You have put up with alot. h ope Brielle's
health will improve and she will overcome the health issue very soon.
Will be praying for that as well as the adoption process. Hope Caroline and Victoria had a good day of goat showing. Love Meemom

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